Whether it is a valuable cereal for the breakfast muesli, vitamin-preserving dried vegetables or extrudates in snacks and bars for the small appetite in-between – the drying for the foodstuffs sector offers many different application possibilities. At the same time, however, this drying technology is associated with complex, highly customer-specific requirements. The drying systems must operate in a food-safe manner and meet the highest standards. Requirements that we at STELA can meet at any time with our drying systems!

  • bandtrockner-biertreber-stela-btl1-3000-33-048
    Country: Poland
    Type: BTL 1/300-33
    Year: 2015
    Product: draff
    Dryer output capacity:
    1.2 t/h from 77% - 12% MC
  • plattenbandtrockner-extrudate-stela-bandkuehlanlage-bk1-1500-4-004
    Country: Germany
    Type: Band-Kühlanlage BK 1/1500-4
    Product: frozen strawberries
  • plattenbandtrockner-extrudate-stela-pbt1-1000-2-002
    Country: Thailand
    Type: PBT 1/1000-2
    Product: breakfast cereals
    Water evaporation:
    max. 50 kg/h
  • plattenbandtrockner-extrudate-stela-pbt1-3000-3-006
    Country: Switzerland
    Type: PBT 1/300-3
    Product: nuts
  • plattenbandtrockner-extrudate-stela-pbti1-2200-7-008
    Country: Slovenia
    Type: PBTi 1/2200-7
    Product: extrudates
  • plattenbandtrockner-extrudate-stela-pbtk3-2650-6-005
    Country: Austria
    Type: PBTK 3/2650-6
    Product: pumpkin seeds
    Water evaporation:
    337 – 374 kg/h

STELA product series

Belt dryer type BT
Belt dryer type BT

STELA belt dryers are used in industry to dry:


Belt dryer type BT with air circulation
Belt dryer type BT with air circulation

If products require drying to a very low final moisture content, the problem usually arises with traditional drying systems that the air has a lower saturation point towards the end of the drying phase. At the same time, there is still a large amount of heat that could be used in the exhaust air, which is released into the surrounding area.


Stationary drying system AgroDry®
Stationary drying system AgroDry®

40 million tonnes of grain per year – that’s the amount dried with STELA drying systems throughout the world. It’s an unbelievable number, the result of hard work over many years. All our expertise is focused on the complex field of drying technology. When you consider this quantity, you realise how important the energy efficiency of a system is. That’s why development is a priority for STELA – for the benefit of our customers and the environment.


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Hans-Thomas Peisl

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Christoph Höfler

sales manager

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