Pulp and paper industry

It has been the state of the art for years in the energy sector and is now increasingly in demand in the pulp and paper industry: low-emission belt drying systems and energy generation from renewable raw materials.

Be it pure thermal utilization or power generation, the drying of the input material achieves high efficiency with minimized fuel input in energy-intensive industries such as the paper industry. This ensures the optimal economical operation of the plant’s system. It is a good thing that STELA has been working intensively on the waste wood drying process for many years, since our customers can now benefit from this know-how through our drying systems: the STELA belt dryers score points in having a low temperature level, long service life, efficient consumption figures, a high level of drying quality, and the controllability of the drying process. Quality coupled with efficiency, just like the entire drying technology from STELA.

  • bandtrockner-rinde-stela-bt1-6200-49,5-037
    Country: Sweden
    Type: BT 1/6200-49.5
    Year: 2012
    Product: bark
    Dryer output capacity:
    26.6 t/h from 60% - 45% MC
  • bandtrockner-saegespaene-stela-bt1-6200-48-031
    Country: Sweden
    Type: BT 1/6200-48
    Year: 2013
    Product: sawdust
    Dryer output capacity:
    19.4 t/h from 52% - 10% MC

STELA product series

Slat conveyor dryer type PBT

STELA slat conveyor dryers are the ideal machine for numerous industrial applications. The conveyors are made of strong steel and, depending on the application, they are coated with food-safe PTFE. They are therefore used in particular with sticky products. They can be found in applications for drying a wide range of sludge types in industry and in the municipal sector. STELA slat conveyor dryers are characterised by low maintenance requirements. STELA slat conveyor dryers are available in sizes starting from around 5 metres.


Belt dryer type BTU RecuDry® with heat recovery

The RecuDry® system separates the conventional technology into two drying areas:


Belt dryer type BT

STELA belt dryers are used in industry to dry:


Belt dryer type BT with air circulation

If products require drying to a very low final moisture content, the problem usually arises with traditional drying systems that the air has a lower saturation point towards the end of the drying phase. At the same time, there is still a large amount of heat that could be used in the exhaust air, which is released into the surrounding area.


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Yves-Marc Schade

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