In-between growth and establishment

In-between growth and establishment

Lower Bavarian drying expert Stela Laxhuber is continually growing. Currently, about 200 employees are working at the site in Massing/DE. The energy-saving RecuDry system enjoys increasing popularity since it makes wood drying demonstrably more energy-efficient.

This year, Stela Laxhuber implemented the fifth project of the Recu- Dry system created in 2017. As the company‘s newest innovation, it implements conventional low-temperature belt dryer technology in two modules: the Recu module and the condensation module. While in the Recu module, the drying air becomes optimally saturated through circulation and re-heating, part of this high-energy air is fed into the condensation module. The predominantly latent energy supplied into the condensation module preheats the fresh air in the module. With this, the air-to-air heat exchanger recovers the majority of the used energy and guarantees significantly more efficient drying, the company claims. Thanks to the heat recovery it is possible to save between 35 and 55 % of energy depending on the drying surface. The significantly reduced exhaust airstreams and emissions most prominently demonstrate this effect. The RecuDry system enjoys growing popularity and is becoming established in the sector. „Especially the option to convert an old drying system to the RecuDry system is in high demand within the sector“, Tomas Laxhuber, manager of Stela Laxhuber, explains.

Not steam clouds in the sky: The RecuDry system utilizs the energy from subsequent drying by
means of a heat recovery

An example for such a conversion project can be found in Latvia. Baltic Block converted an existing system from 2011. In 2017, the system was changed to a BTU RecuDry 1/6200-28,5. This heat recovery system dries wood shavings at a temperature of 79° C from 38 % MC to 2 %. This way, 11.9 t of wet material can be reduced to 7.5 t per hour which equals a water evaporation rate of 4.4 t/h.

Subsequent conversion: Baltic Block´s belt dryer after the successful conversion to the RecuDry system

Growth with tradition 
Stela Laxhuber has a long history. Founded in 1922 already, Stefan Laxhuber started with a small workshop for producing windmill-driven water wells and later expanded his business with agricultural machine trading. In 1972, the company‘s founder handed over the management to his identically named son. He continued the family business and, just like his father, opened up to new branches of business.
In 1967, Stela Laxhuber started to become active in the area of drying. The first drying system emerged. Since then, the company has been steadily expanding and continually developing the company headquarters in Massing. To this day, system components are developed, planned and manufactured there. The company is run by Thomas Laxhuber and Rainer Hettwer in the third generation. About 200 employees are currently working at the site in Massing.

Titel: Operating principle: The operating principle of the system relies on two modules

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