stela dryer type BTL in the Ukraine

Belt dryer for oak sawdust in Ukraine

As the world's leading manufacturer of drying equipment, stela is known for its responsible approach to customers. As proof of this are, among others, the successfully implemented projects in Ukraine even during the war.

Project Tayfun Plus, stela belt dryer, type BTL 1/3000-12.
Output 2.1 t/h for the dried product with moisture reduction from 45% to 10% MC.

A special feature of the customer's production line is 100% oak sawdust in the raw material. This type of material is difficult to process, since oak emits acid when drying, which leads to rapid corrosion of standard materials. Therefore, the STELA dryer in this project is made of stainless steel 1.4016. An additional challenge in this project was the high dust content in the product. An effective system of dry and wet cleaning of the belt without interrupting the drying process allows timely prevention of belt contamination without loss of performance.

After the system has been run into operating mode, the drying process is automatically maintained.