Climate neutral company

Climate neutral company - STELA Laxhuber

Having worked for several years to prevent and reduce emissions wherever possible, we are pleased to have now fully offset our unavoidable emissions for 2020. By supporting the climate protection project "Avoided Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil", we were able to save more emissions than we caused.

For several years now, Stela Laxhuber and Stela Steuerungstechnik have been looking for ways to limit and avoid the emissions we cause as far as possible. This applies to our drying facilities in production and operation as well as to our company locations.

Our production and administration site in Massing, Bavaria, which was newly opened in 2016, is heated 100% with renewable energies, as is the headquarters of Stela Steuerungstechnik. In 2022, a photovoltaic system will be installed and commissioned on the roof of the Stela Laxhuber GmbH building. This has already happened on the Stela Steuerungstechnik company buildings in 2021. This means that both companies now have their own power supply from solar energy, which is used to feed the production and office buildings as well as vehicle fleets. In the course of this, the entire vehicle fleet of both companies has been converted to electric and hybrid vehicles since the end of 2019 in order to minimise exhaust emissions in road traffic and to be able to use their own renewable energy source.

We have set new technology standards for various dryer designs in recent years. The particularly energy-efficient drying plants not only use existing waste heat, as almost every stela plant does, but are built in a way that existing residual heat, which would normally be released into the ambient air after the process has been completed, is used once again to make full use of every part of the energy already available. Thus, depending on the type of plant and the drying area, energy savings of up to 55% are possible, which reduces the demand for energy and heat for the plant operator enormously.

As we are not (yet) able to avoid all emissions from our company sites despite our efforts, we decided to compensate for these emissions within the framework of a climate protection project.
Thus, in return for our 2020 emissions, we were able to support the climate protection project "Avoided Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil," which protects approximately 150,000 hectares of threatened forest area in Brazil. By strategically occupying forest land, improving forest management practices, and promoting sustainable use of the forest in collaboration with local people, forest land is protected from illegal and overly rapid logging, and the quality of local life is improved. Thanks to this project, more emissions have been saved than we have caused in our operations.

We are proud to have made another contribution to the protection of our environment and climate and will continue to do everything necessary to further this goal.

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Climate neutrality certificate