Dual study at Stela

Stela is proud!

Since September 2017, stela Laxhuber GmbH has also been offering combined degree programmes in addition to the usual apprenticeships. This offers the opportunity to study for a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering while completing normal training as a metal worker specialising in design technology.

The first person to embrace this opportunity at stela was Matthias Frank. Three and a half years later, he has now completed the first part of his dual studies, the vocational college section, with the wonderful grade of 1.0.
During this time, he gained experience in the entire metal work procedure, from fan construction to welding.
The second part of his training will include two more semesters of study, after which Matthias will write his bachelor’s dissertation in the company.

Supervisor Rainer Maier and the managing directors Thomas Laxhuber and Rainer Hettwer are very proud of the result, which has never before been achieved in the history of stela.

We are delighted that Matthias will remain in the team and wish him all the best for the future and for his dissertation.