Feed-and-turn dryer

The dryer

  • is extremely strong and has a long service life
  • is easy to use
  • is flexible - many different products can be dried with it
  • allows both continuous and discontinuous (batch) operation
  • allows for a wide range of material heights, from 40 to 400 mm
  • is also available “ready to plug in” as a mobile model
  • automatic turning of the product is carried out entirely without moving belts
  • ideal for waste heat recovery

That means:

  • Long service life, as there is no belt wear
  • Very fine products can also be dried using fine meshed grates
  • 100% protection against false air

The basic principle of the feed-and-turn dryer has been used for decades and systems of this sort are now made by numerous manufacturers.

Drying principle

Hot air is blown through a double floor – a grate floor – through the product to be dried. A moving paddle system mixes and conveys the product throughout the drying time. This simple principle guarantees virtually maintenance-free and fault-free drying.
The paddle wheel is moved across the dryer by the running gear several times throughout the drying process. The change of direction is controlled by limit switches and the corresponding automatic control system.
This combination ensures optimal mixing of the goods and thus consistent and homogeneous drying. The risk of clumping is avoided with this system, even if the goods are heavily contaminated or extremely damp.
The feed-and-turn dryer is the ideal application for small and medium-sized quantities of drying material. Two different operating modes are available: batch drying and continuous drying.
With small quantities, batch drying is selected, i.e. the dryer is filled and the drying programme is then started.
Once the dryness level required has been reached, cooling can be carried out if necessary, and emptying follows automatically.

stela has developed a special feed-and-turn mechanism, by means of which green plants, herbs, grasses, pellets, granulates, wood chips, pomace and many similar products can be dried. In the middle power range of around 2,000 kW, the feed-and-turn dryer with its new turning mechanism is an outstanding alternative to a belt dryer.

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-33
in Poland

Product: RDF
Dryer output capacity:
RDF: 7.5 t/h from 55 % to 10 %

BTU RecuDry 1-3000-15
in Italy

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 2.1 t/h from 50 % to 10 %

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-25.5
in Austria

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 6.8 t/h from 50 % to 10 %

BTU RecuDry 2-6200-34.5
in Austria

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 13.5 t/h from 50 % to 10 %

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-28.5
in Latvia

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 7.5 t/h from 38 % to 2 %

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-45
in Sweden

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 10 t/h from 52 % to 10 %

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-54-18-18
in Germany

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 17.6 t/h from 46 % to 16 %

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-33
in Norway

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 10.6 t/h from 53 % to 10 %

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-30-10-10
in Slovakia

Product: nassvermahlende Holzbiomasse, Sägespäne
Dryer output capacity:
nassvermahlende Holzbiomasse, Sägespäne: 8 t/h from 50 % to 10 %

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