Easy assembly dryer Vario

Easy assembly dryer Vario
The STELA Vario range comprises stationary drying systems specially designed for smaller annual throughput quantities in agriculture. The flexible design of these systems allows them to be operated as both continuous and batch circulating air dryers. Integration of the Vario dryer into buildings or between silos is easy thanks to the space-saving basic structure.

• Roof dryers in a high-quality, salt-water-resistant aluminium design with a long service life
• Simple, cost-effective modular system for self-assembly
• Best value for money
• Available at short notice
• Heating and air technology of the usual reliable Stela quality
• Variable control technology made in-house in accordance with VDE
• A wide range of equipment variants: e.g. direct or indirect air heaters, Clean Air Regulation dedusting for compliance with Federal Emissions Control Act, can also be retrofitted

The dryer consists of a storage container, drying elements, discharge, subframe with outlet hopper, ventilator and air heater. The air heater can be oil or gas-fired as required. The discharge element ensures even discharge across the entire cross-section of the dryer. Perfectly even drying results are achieved in this way. A quick emptying device makes cleaning easier and ensures purity of variety during product changes. Depending on the choice of control for the conveying devices and the dryer geometry, the dryer can be operated in both continuous and circulating mode.

1 = Storage element
2 = Drying and cooling elements
3 = Discharge
4 = Substructure
5 = Outlet hopper
6 = Air heater
7 = Hot air hood
8 = Exhaust hood
9 = Outgoing air ventilator
10 = Outgoing air ventilator with rain protection

Continuous mode
The goods to be dried pass continuously through the storage container, the drying and the cooling zone and leave the drier – at intervals controlled by the discharge device – completely dried and cooled ready for storage.

Circulation mode
The dryer is filled completely at the start of the cycle. The product is circulated several times during the drying process. When the final moisture level required is reached, the burner is switched off and cooling begins. When the product has cooled sufficiently, the dryer is emptied and is ready for the next drying process. As a result, it is possible to dry the smallest product quantities. During the drying cycle, the system works automatically so that this time can be used effectively.

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Hans-Thomas Peisl

Hans-Thomas Peisl

Sales manager

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Christoph Höfler

Christoph Höfler

sales manager

T +49 8724 899-29
M +49 175 9346342


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