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Stela grain dryers dry evenly

AgroDry® grain dryers with Biturbo system are modular and can be realized in all capacities from approx. 7.5 t/h upwards. The basic functionality always remains quite similar: a free-flowing drying product, for example different types of grain, is conveyed into a storage bunker. From there, the drying product passes through the drying system from top to bottom by gravity only.

Roof-shaped channels are installed horizontally to the direction of fall. They have three functions: The staggered roofs continuously mix the drying product on its way down. The roofs are open at the bottom and lead alternately - depending on their function as warm or exhaust air ducts - into the neighboring warm or exhaust air channel. These cavities allow the air to pass through the drying material everywhere in the grain flow, which enables a homogeneous drying result.

The drying tower thus consists of the drying column and two air ducts: a warm air side, which ends in the roofs open to the warm air side, and an exhaust air side. The moisture from the grain flow inside is conducted through the roofs, which are open to the exhaust air side, into the exhaust air channel.

AgroDry® with the Biturbo system is very energy-efficient

With Stela Biturbo technology, the drying product in the lower section of ​​the drying system (lower drying section) is subjected to mix air consisting of the fresh air drawn in and heated by a warm air generator and the supply air preheated from the cooling zones. This mixed air is sucked in by an axial fan and then directed from the lower drying section to the upper section. At this point, heated fresh air is added to the mixed air again. The drying product is treated with this new mixed air in the upper drying section. The exhaust air from this drying section can have a relative humidity of up to 99% and is conveyed outside by the exhaust air fan, which results in the exceptionally low energy consumption.

Custom grain dryers

Optionally direct and indirect firing via burners or air heaters can be used for air heating. Depending on the locally available resources, conventional energy sources such as heating oil or gas, as well as superheated steam or hot water from existing combined heat and power (CHP) systems can be used for heating. Alternative energy sources such as biogas or biomass from grain straw or wood chips can also be used as climate-neutral heating methods. And of course, a combination of different energy sources is also possiblee (Stela AgroDry® Hybrid).

All Stela grain dryers are also adapted to the respective circumstances and requirements regarding dust and noise emissions.


Stationary agricultural dryers. Product overview

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