Stationary drying system AgroDry® with STELA Bi-turbo® technology


From a thermal energy requirement of 0.751 kWh/kgH2O

The innovative air flow provided by STELA Bi-turbo® technology reduces the amount of hot air required by up to 40% and therefore cuts the specific energy consumption in comparison to conventional systems with active heat recovery.

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The fresh air (1) is sucked into the lower area of the drying system, heated by a gas surface burner (2) and fed with preheated supply air from the cooling zone area (3) into the lower drying section, the dry product area (4). The temperature of the hot air can be set entirely independently of the upper temperature zone. The higher temperature exhaust air (5) from this zone is collected and fed into the upper area of the drying system by means of an intermediate ventilator (6). The addition of pre-heated supply air (7) generates the hot air for the upper drying zone. This drying air is initially fed through the upper wet product area (8) before it is released into the surroundings as exhaust air by an exhaust air ventilator (9).


From a thermal energy requirement of 0.751 kWh/kgH2O

Thanks to this energy-efficient air flow technology, a thermal energy requirement from 0.751 kWh/kgH2O can be achieved. This figure is approx. 30% below the usual energy consumption values for comparable drying systems without this special heat recovery. The result is that, for drying one tonne of wet maize with moisture extraction from 35% to 15%, the energy consumption is 176.5 kWth, which corresponds to approx. 17.1 m³ of natural gas (calorific value 10.35 kWh/m³).

Innovative STELA Bi-turbo® technology with oil heating

In addition to gas heating, air is also heated by means of an air heater (1) with a pressure jet oil burner (2). In order to ensure a compact design and, in particular, energy-efficient operation in this case, STELA-Laxhuber paid special attention to the positions of the two direct air heaters during planning and construction of the air flow system. This ensures that the thermal energy requirement is also from 0.751 kWh/kgH2O. The result is an oil consumption of 17.65 litres to dry one tonne of wet maize with moisture extraction from 35% to 15%.

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Other advantages of Bi-turbo® technology:

  • Reduced air volume
  • Improved product quality as a result of two-way ventilation
  • Lower dust level because of exhaust air filtration in the wet product area
  • Lower consumption of electricity


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