Drum dryer

STELA drum dryers are suitable for continuous drying of mass goods in industry and agriculture, such as drying of green materials. The machine can have a stationary design or comprise a mobile system mounted on a frame.

The wet goods are fed into the drying drum using suitable feeders. Transport paddles on the drum feed side pick up the material and move it into the drum fixtures. The drum fixtures are chosen in accordance with the product characteristics. In most cases, drying is carried out in a continuous flow. The wet goods meet the hot drying gas, the temperature of which can reach 1,000°C. The dwell time of the drying material in the dryer depends on the drum speed, drum inclination, type of drum fixtures, flow speed of the drying gas and the damming device at the end of the drum.

Advantages at a glance:
• Evaporation capacities up to 15 t water/hour
• Large throughput capacity with consistent final moisture, even if the moisture content of the goods varies at the start
• Wide adjustment range for the drying gas temperature (150 to 1,000°C), so that the right drying temperature can be set for all products
• Direct or indirect heating • Low susceptibility to faults – high operating reliability
• Low energy consumption Areas of application: Potato and beet chips, poultry manure, sewage sludge, wood waste, chopped green fodder, etc.

Contact person

Hans-Thomas Peisl

Hans-Thomas Peisl

Sales agricultural South

T +49 151 62863950

Christoph Höfler

Christoph Höfler

sales agricultural North of Germany

T +49 8724 899-29
M +49 175 9346342


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