Dried fruit brings sweetness into life, whether as a snack on hikes, or in the morning in your muesli - and in a very healthy way. Our BTF-L dryer is best suited for drying fruit.

Apples, bananas or berries are very popular when it comes to food drying. To preserve the vitamins contained in the fruit, it should not be dried too hot. The combination of gentle drying and high water content of the dried products usually leads to long drying times. In the past, kilns and racks were therefore often used for drying. However, since these have to be filled manually and thus no continuous process is possible, the belt dryer comes into play. This produces the same drying results, but processes the fruit continuously and fully automatically.

Drying fruit with the BTF-L dryer

Fruit can be processed particularly gently with our BTF-L dryer. The innovative technology ensures high dwell times in a compact installation space. This makes the BTF-L dryer particularly efficient in terms of investment and operating costs. Are you interested in our technology? Then take a closer look at our BTF-L here.

Drying products – Fruit

RaspberriesHoneydew melonCurrants
CherriesCoconut piecesMango
GrapesGrape marcJuniper berries


You cannot find your drying product in our list? Don’t worry, feel free to send us a personal request here. We will be happy to check whether your product can also be dried with our technology!