Drying plants for herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices are perfect for drying with the belt dryer. Our BTF-S dryer in particular is ideally suited for this product category.

Whether parsley, basil, mint, rosemary or tea - almost everything from the world of herbs and spices can be dried. There is a good reason for this: plants and seeds can usually be spread loosely and evenly on the drying belt and ventilated well. This ensures efficient use of the space and an even drying result. Nutrients and flavour are thus optimally preserved. It is not without reason that most herbs and spices we use in everyday life are dried.

Food drying with the BTF-S dryer

The BTF-S dryer is best suited for drying spices, as it ensures high ventilation intensity. This means that the space can be used optimally and the investment costs can be reduced at the same time. With belt widths of up to 4 m and total lengths of over 75 m, a BTF-S can achieve amazing throughputs in just one drying system. Are you interested in our innovative technology? You can find all information about our BTF-S dryer here.

Drying products – Herbs & Spices

BasilLeaf teaChili
St. Johns wortGarlicCoriander
TurmericBay leafManioc
Mate teaMint leavesNutmeg kermel
OreganoParsleyPepper (green)
Pepper (red)Pepper (black)Rosemary


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