Sewage sludge dryer

Do you have a large amount of sewage sludge and want to put it to economic use? By means of drying, the end product of wastewater treatment and its organic and mineral ingredients can be reused in a sustainable and profitable way.

When dried, the resulting sewage sludge is becoming increasingly popular as a source of fuel and phosphorus. The right dryer ensures a favourable energy balance and the consistent quality of the end product.

Requirements for sewage sludge dryers

Whether the sewage sludge is incinerated once partially dewatered or has to meet the strict requirements for firing in cement plants, for example: Mechanically pre-dewatered, it still has a high water content.

To ensure that the raw material, which is in itself CO2-neutral, can be further processed in an environmentally friendly way, low-emission and energy-efficient technical drying is recommended. The dosing and transport of the former waste product are also facilitated by this measure - and the latter is also considerably cheaper.

For this purpose, we offer modular low-temperature dryers that can cover a broad performance spectrum. In this way, the plant can be adapted to the respective raw material volume and the desired final moisture content. Energy recovery and exhaust air treatment complement our well-designed and flexible drying systems.

Sewage sludge dryer from STELA Laxhuber GmbH

STELA sewage sludge dryers are manufactured in Germany. They are technologically state-of-the-art, powerful, process-optimised and stand out for their reliability, high efficiency and energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. Your individual dryer achieves the desired degree of drying and the necessary tolerance with minimum operating effort and is conceivably easy to set and operate.

If you are still unsure or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on your ideal dryer.