Drying plants for vegetables

Drying vegetables is an important part of food production. With our BTF-S and BTF-L dryers, you can now produce even faster and with higher quality.

Did you know that the basis of many ready meals is dried vegetables? Potatoes, onions, carrots and mushrooms form a classic ingredient of processed foods as powder or in pieces. The drying of vegetables serves to preserve them and thus makes a significant contribution to the world's food supply. Vegetable drying can significantly reduce the weight and volume. This makes it possible to store and transport large quantities of vegetables.

Drying of vegetables – this is how!

Good news: Basically any type of vegetables can be dried by using a belt dryer. Depending on the water content, a BTF-S or BTF-L type dryer is therefore a possibility. Thanks to our experience in the construction of large drying plants in other industries, we can realise high throughputs of over 10 t/h in just one drying plant. Please click hereto find out more about the differences between our high-quality technology.

Drying products – Vegetables

Field beansArtichokeAubergines
Oyster mushroomsBeansMushrooms
CelerySoybeansTable potato
Starch potatoSweet potatoTomatoes
Yucca / ManiocSugar beetOnion


You cannot find your drying product in our list? Don’t worry, feel free to send us a personal request here. We will be happy to check whether your product can also be dried with our technology!