stela dryer BTU RecuDry at Johann Pabst Holzindustrie in Zeltweg

Energy-efficient drying

The stela BTU RecuDry belt dryer has been in operation at Johann Pabst Holzindustrie in Zeltweg since the beginning of autumn.

As part of the planned expansion of its pellet production capacity from 65,000 tonnes per year to 120,000 tonnes per year when completed, Johann Pabst Holzindustrie invested in a new BTU RecuDry belt dryer with heat recovery from stela Laxhuber, Massing/DE, at its site in Zeltweg.
"Pabst was looking for an energy-efficient belt dryer that could be extended in its overall length," explains Tobias Latein, Sales Manager at stela Laxhuber. With an output capacity of 9 t/h, the stela belt dryer is significantly more powerful than the belt dryer in the old stock with 6 t/h. The replacement and expansion investment was conceived by Pabst as a turnkey project, whereby the company was deliberately looking for a concept that had proven itself on the market.
The stela belt dryer has been in operation since the beginning of autumn. In addition to installing the belt dryer, the Bavarian plant manufacturer was also responsible for the entire automation and electrification of the pelletising process. The Styrian company is planning to double its production output. "With the BTU RecuDry, I have energy savings of up to 35% compared to standard dryers," explains Latein. The total length of the belt dryer is 38 metres. If required, it can be extended to up to 60 metres, increasing the output to up to 15 tonnes per hour.
With the RecuDry system, conventional technology is divided into two drying areas. The drying air is optimally saturated by circulation and reheating in the RecuDry module. A partial flow of the saturated air is fed to the condensation module. The predominantly latent energy contained therein preheats the fresh air in the condensation module. An air-to-air heat exchanger recovers a large proportion of the energy used and guarantees highly efficient drying."The project was implemented and handled perfectly by stela. The performance and efficiency of the belt dryer is exactly what stela's sales manager, Tobias Latein, promised us. The entire Pabst project team would like to thank stela for the excellent and professional handling," emphasises Steven Schneider, Project Manager at Johann Pabst Holzindustrie.


Holzkurier, edition 51/52 2023