Drying plants for pet food & other

Drying pet food – is that possible? Yes, with our innovative BTF-S or BTF-L drying units, this is not a problem at all!

The quality standards for pet food for our pets are now as high as those for human food. It therefore makes sense to use our innovative food processing machines in the pet food sector as well. It is no coincidence that the great strength of our belt dryer is its versatility. You can give free rein to your ideas and dry various products, such as seaweed or insects.

How to dry pet food & co.

The design of our food dryers allows the use of a wide variety of belts and can be optimally adapted to the different products. Depending on the water content, a dryer with type BTF-S or BTF-L can be considered for processing pet food. Find out about the technical differences here or send us an enquiry. We will be happy to answer your questions personally!

Drying products – Pet food & other

Apricot kernelsBitter almond kernelsBread
Cashew nutsCereealsCornflakes
PeanutsChestnutCereal extrudates
Oat flakesHazelnutsCocoa beans
CrispsPotato extrudates (puffed after extruder)Macadamia
AlmondsBrazil nutsPecans
Pine nutsPistachio kernelsSeeds
BreadcrumbsSnack mixSunflower seeds
Starch extrudatesWalnutsWheat flakes


You cannot find your drying product in our list? Don’t worry, feel free to send us a personal request here. We will be happy to check whether your product can also be dried with our technology!