Peter Kölln: Why the company relies on a second stela belt dryer

As one of the largest oat mills in Europe, Peter Kölln is one of the best-known muesli manufacturers in Germany with its Kölln brand. The Elmshorn-based manufacturer has been drying cereals for Kölln muesli with a stela belt dryer since 1999.
In this interview, Simone Deuser, Technical Project Planning at Peter Kölln, tells us why the company has now decided in favour of a second stela drying system.

Why was a new dryer purchased?
"We currently use our existing belt dryer for two processes, which is why only one process can be run at a time. With the second stela dryer, we can run the two processes in line and thus increase our system availability.

Which products do you dry?
"We want to use the new dryer to dry coated cereals. In the first process step (dryer 1), the cereals produced on the extruder are dried. In the second process step, they are then coated and fed to the new dryer (dryer 2)."

Why did you decide in favour of a belt dryer?
"The decision in favour of a belt dryer is due to our product quality. A belt dryer can dry our cereals very gently. Cereals are very susceptible to breakage. Abrasion must be avoided. The belt dryer must be able to do this so that we can deliver consistent quality."

Why did you decide in favour of a drying system from stela again?
"The dryer we purchased from stela back in 1999 gave us good experience in the field of cereal drying. Having worked with stela for over 25 years now, we value them as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer. It quickly became clear to us that a second dryer would again be a stela dryer."

Thanks to Simone Deuser for the interview!

Commissioning of the dryer at Peter Kölln is already underway and we will report back soon. Stay tuned!

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