Trainee excursion to Passau

Apprentice trip to Passau

There was plenty of action at the traditional apprentice outing, which finally got underway again this year on Saturday 18 September 2021.

Twenty-one apprentices travelled to Passau together with eight instructors and supervisors. Their first stop was the Exit Room. In small groups, the apprentices and their supervisors were “locked” into themed rooms and had to work together to solve various puzzles and tasks to free themselves. Some of our apprentices had so much fun that they wanted to have another go and were happy to be “locked” up again.

Afterwards, the participants had some free time to explore and enjoy the city centre of Passau on their own. They shopped, ate and wandered around.

The group then spent the afternoon enjoying music and snacks on a boat trip on the Danube. With two lively musicians on board, they danced, sang and enjoyed the beautiful weather with the other passengers. Following the two-and-a-half hour boat trip, they stepped ashore at the jetty and returned to Massing.

This outing is something we look forward to every year, as it gives the new apprentices a chance to get to know their new colleagues and supervisors in a relaxed atmosphere and to establish contacts across departments.


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