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STELA drying technology – a world leader

Since the production of the first feed-and-turn dryer in 1967,
STELA has developed into a leading and globally active industrial
company in the field of drying system construction.

„Just“ dryers? Yes!

STELA wants to offer its clients the best possible drying solutions,
which is why we have specialised in this complex field of technology.

We focus all of our know-how on the development of the most advanced drying systems and

do this for a wide range of products, from agriculture, the food industry and energy technology through to disposal engineering.

Specialising in the technology, not just the industry. This creates synergies.

What sets STELA apart from all the rest?
A corporate philosophy with foresight!

Technology leader in energy-efficient drying

Across the world, too many outdated drying systems are still in use. The result is high energy consumption. Even the “low” values are still 1.5 kWh or even 2.0 kWh per kg of evaporated water. By contrast, most of our systems have a peak low-power consumption of less than 1.0 kWh/kg. We have made it our goal to implement this in all our systems and to develop it even further – if you take into account the condensation heat of the most advanced belt dryers, a value as low as 0.4 kWh/kg is even possible.

Technology leader in final product quality

For us, gentle drying means working with temperatures that are perfectly suited to the product, and it also means careful handling of the product itself. We do not want artificial performance increase in a machine through excessive elevation of the drying temperature at the expense of product quality. Our aim is to be able to ensure a high quality end product.

All this is for the benefit of our clients:

firstly, your products have more value added to them through the careful drying process. Secondly, you can use an existing energy source.

Based in Massing, active around the world. STELA references…


STELA ehrt langjährige Mitarbeiter

STELA ehrt langjährige Mitarbeiter

Mit der Weihnachtsfeier 2018 blickt man bei Stela Laxhuber GmbH und Stela Steuerungstechnik GmbH & Co.KG auf ein überaus erfolgreiches

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Innovation beginnt vor der Haustür

Innovation beginnt vor der Haustür

Fünf Firmen aus der Region sind neue "Top-Unternehmen Niederbayerns".

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STELA – Be a part of it

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