Renewable fuels

Whether you need biomass to liquid (BtL), power to gas or power to the farmer. stela drying technology is ready to meet your needs with belt-drying technology.

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Our references

BT 1-6200-9
in Italy

Product: Pomace
Dryer output capacity:
Pomace: 4 t/h from 38% to 15%

BT 1-6200-49.5
in Estonia

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 14.1 t/h from 50% to 10%

BT 1-2700-14
in Canada

Product: Grass, wood chips, bark
Dryer output capacity:
Grass, wood chips, bark: 2.19 t/h from 50% to 25%

BT 1-6200-31.5
in Ireland

Product: Wood chips P45
Dryer output capacity:
Wood chips P45: 1.4 t/h from 55% to 0%

BT 1-6200-31.5
in Italy

Product: Pomace
Dryer output capacity:
Pomace: 19.5 t/h from 55% to 38%

BTU 1-6200-22.5-3
in Finland

Product: ground shavings, sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
ground shavings, sawdust: 6 t/h from 50% to 3%

BTU 1-6200-27--3
in Sweden

Product: Wood chips, sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Wood chips, sawdust: 6 t/h from 55% to 3%

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