Stela Bandtrockner Typ BT

Belt dryer type BT

Characteristic features:

  • Efficient air distribution due to direct-coupled and frequency-controller multi-vent radial fans
  • Modular plant system that can be easily expanded
  • Low heat and electricity consumption thanks to perfectly coordinated components
  • Enclosed design allows it to be set up externally in temperatures down to -40°C (insulated dryer body)
  • Optimum product distribution thanks to double spreader screws
  • Product-turning device for an even, final moisture content and energy-efficient product ventilation
  • Top-down ventilation
  • Available in 6.2 m or 8.4 m belt widths

Stela belt dryers type BT are separated in three levels

At the top, ambient air is fed through heating coils in the fresh air intake and thus heated. Depending on the local conditions, thermal oil, saturated steam, waste heat from combined heat and power and ORC processes or already heated process air can be used flexibly as heating media. By several dryer zones arranged in a row at this upper level it is possible to create drying areas with different process temperatures.

The dry material is evenly applied to the drying belt running underneath, which is made of an air-permeable, woven plastic material, via a double distribution screw. The warm air from the heating above is sucked down through this dryer belt, removing the moisture from the material on the belt.

In the extract air area below the belt, the moisture-saturated extract air is released into the environment.

Belt dryer made to measure

Belt widths depend on the required water evaporation and can vary between 2 and 8.4 m, depending on the application Thanks to their enclosed design, they are also suitable for cold regions with outside temperatures down to -40° C. The capacity of the belt dryers is designed according to demand and is largely defined by the amount of water that the dryer is to extract from the material per hour. The systems are designed for capacities of 200 kg to 60 t of water per hour.

Air ducting

Air can flow through the process belts from above as well as from below. The belts can be zoned via the belt length. Several belts can be ventilated one after the other via the same air flow.

The dryers are available both as exhaust air and recirculation systems. Optionally, exhaust air heat recovery can also be implemented.

Additional information

Download here our information brochure on low-temperature conveyor dryers.
It will give you an initial overview of our range and the variety of options available in this product category.

BT 1-6200-30
in Latvia

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 8.5 t/h from 50% to 10%

BT 1-6200-30
in Estonia

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 8.5 t/h from 50% to 10%

BT 1-6200-42
in Canada

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 14.8 t/h from 50% to 6%

BTL 1-3000-22
in Great Britain

Product: SRF
Dryer output capacity:
SRF: 36 t/h from 20% to 10%

BT 1-6200-9
in Argentina

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 2.95 t/h from 50% to 11%

BT 1-6200-19.5
in Italy

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 6 t/h from 50% to 10%

BT 1-6200-25.5
in Belgium

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 10 t/h from 50% to 9%

BT 1-6200-13.5
in Germany

Product: Wood chips
Dryer output capacity:
Wood chips: 3.9 t/h from 50% to 25%

BT 1-6200-13.5
in Norway

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 3.7 t/h from 57% to 10%

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