Industrial drying solutions for pet food

How to dry your pet food – with a drying plant from STELA Laxhuber!

By drying, the pet food gets:

  • more duralbe
  • lighter
  • more compact

Especially in the sector of pet food these characteristics are frequently requested. With a multifaced belt dryer from STELA Laxhuber, most products can be dried on just one drying plant, for example

  • various extrudates
  • mixtures from e.g. of cereals, fat, vegetables
  • a variety of raw materials from pet or plant sources

Drying systems from Stela Laxhuber

Stela Laxhuber manufactures innovative drying systems and convinces producers with made-to-measure technology. Plants from Stela Laxhuber provide gentle drying so that your product meets the highest visual and quality requirements.    

Stela Laxhuber’s drying systems are characterised by their

The reduction of the CO2 footprint is becoming increasingly important worldwide, especially for end customers. So that you as a producer can score points here, Stela Laxhuber supports you with the utilisation of waste heat, circulating air drying, heat recovery and RecuDry®. Of course, the automatic control and monitoring of the drying process also contributes to efficiency and ensures the high quality of the dried products.

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A close look at the technology

Many drying projects start in our own laboratory. There we have several laboratory dryers, even on a larger scale. Beginning with these testings through to commissioning, at Stela Laxhuber, everything comes from a single source. Thanks to the high level of in-house production, spare parts are available quickly and first-class support is guaranteed.    

Stela Laxhuber‘s pet food dryers are equipped with a special plate belt that conceals the joints between the individual plates. Thus the belts are extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Depending on the material to be dried, fabric belts, cam belts or link chain belts are of course also used. Therefore, the most suitable belt is determined and installed for each drying product.

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belt dryer type BTF-L

belt dryer type BTF-S

Exceptional variety in the drying of pet food

Stela Laxhuber offers its customers individual drying systems to meet the specific requirements of different pet foods. These drying products are particularly suitable for our high-quality technology.

Each dryer is designed to fit in terms of

and many other aspects. This is the only way to guarantee optimum drying results for all products. This gives you the certainty of achieving your drying target!

You too can rely on a reliable and effective drying system from Stela Laxhuber - your experienced partner for drying! We will support you personally with our drying solutions. Find the right contact person for your requirements here!

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Belt dryer for sugar beet pulp
in Germany

Dryer type: BT 1-6200-48
Dryer output capacity:
sugar beet pulp: 85 t/h from 70% to 62%

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