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Belt dryers from the industry leader

Are you looking for a belt dryer but still unsure which one is right for you? Then you've come to the right place at stela Laxhuber GmbH. Belt dryers and drying devices are our specialty - and have been for over 100 years.

Belt dryer simply explained

A belt dryer, sometimes also referred to as a belt cooler, is a machine that ensures particularly gentle product treatment. Your resource, eg corn, is first fed into an inlet chamber as wet material and then runs through the drying chambers on horizontally arranged, perforated drying belts.

Heating gases flow through or over it and thus dry continuously and evenly. The drying room is divided into several chambers, each of which can be equipped with a circulating air fan and a heating register. This allows each dryer cell to be controlled individually.

The product flow rates of the drying/cooling air can be varied in each cell. In addition, the transport speed of the material to be dried can be varied, which provides an additional parameter for setting the drying time of the material. Both the heating and cooling of the cells can be direct or indirect. All heating media such as oil, steam, warm water or hot gases can be used for this.

Belt dryer of the highest quality

Our belt dryers impress with their durability and are individually manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Already in the third generation, we use the latest drying technologies in our belt dryers.

Regardless of which product you want to dry and prepare professionally, together we will find the right belt dryer. For special requirements, we adapt the respective drying solution individually for you.

stela belt dryers

Areas of application for belt dryers

Our customers need belt dryers in a wide variety of industries. Be it agriculture, wood or the food industry. Our dryers are often used in animal feed, paper and pellet production. We also offer the right industry solutions for the cement and recycling industries as well as for water management. Whether you work in this industry or any other, you can count on Stela to do our utmost to find the perfect drying solution.

Belt Dryer references

Customers from all over the world trust in our belt dryers. A total of over 4000 systems have already been implemented. It doesn't matter whether it's fruit, kernels, grain, blossoms, activated carbon, wood and plastics or even sewage sludge

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-33
in Poland

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 11 t/h from 50% to 10%

BTU RecuDry 1-3000-15
in Italy

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 1.3 t/h from 50% to 10%

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-25.5
in Austria

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 6.8 t/h from 50% to 10%

BTU RecuDry 2-6200-34.5
in Austria

Products: Sawdust,
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 13.5 t/h from 50% to 10%

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-28.5
in Latvia

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 7.5 t/h from 38% to 2%

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-45
in Sweden

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 10 t/h from 52% to 10%

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-54-18-18
in Germany

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 17.6 t/h from 46% to 16%

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-33
in Norway

Product: Sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
Sawdust: 10.6 t/h from 53% to 10%

BTU RecuDry 1-6200-30-10-10
in Slovakia

Product: wet milled wood biomass, sawdust
Dryer output capacity:
wet milled wood biomass, sawdust: 8 t/h from 50% to 10%

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