Food industry

Drying food enables

  • long storage life,
  • weight reduction,
  • volume reduction

of the product. In addition, a deliberate change in taste can be achieved, e.g. through roasted aromas or a crispy texture, as with some cereals. This makes food dryers a crucial component in the refinement of various kinds of food.

Drying systems from STELA Laxhuber

STELA Laxhuber is a manufacturer of such drying systems and supplies food producers with customised technology. Food dryers from STELA stand for gentle drying so that your product meets the highest quality standards in terms of appearance and taste.   

STELA's drying systems are characterized by their

In times of rising energy prices, stela supports you with innovative concepts to increase efficiency. STELA is a leader in the use of waste heat, recirculation drying, heat recovery and RecuDry®. The automatic control and monitoring of the drying process also saves important resources and ensures the high quality of the dried food.

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Technology under the microscope

From initial trials in our laboratory to successful commissioning, everything at STELA comes from a single source. Due to the high level of in-house production, spare parts are quickly available and first-class support is guaranteed.   

STELA food dryers are equipped with a special plate belt in which the joints between the individual plates are concealed. This makes the belts particularly hygienic and easy to clean. Of course, depending on the product to be dried, fabric belts, cam belts or link chain belts are also used. In this way, the optimum belt is determined and installed for each drying product.

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Belt dryer type BTF-L Belt dryer type BTF-S

Unique variety in food production

Since every food product is different and requires a specific drying temperature and time, stela offers its customers individual dryer systems depending on their requirements. These drying products are particularly well suited to our high-quality technology.

Each dryer is designed appropriately in terms of

and many other aspects. This is the only way to ensure optimal results in drying all foods. This gives you the certainty of achieving your drying goal.

You too can rely on a reliable and effective drying system from STELA Laxhuber - your experienced partner for drying! We will personally provide you with information on our drying solutions. Find the right contact person for your request here!

STELA product range

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Belt dryer for sugar beet pulp
in Germany

Dryer type: BT 4-6200-29,5
Dryer output capacity:
sugar beet pulp: 96 t/h from 70% to 63%

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