Corporate policy

Quality and customer satisfaction

Our company rises to the challenges of the market every day. To do this, we work in tandem with our customers to develop exactly the right solution for each substance to be dried. We can achieve our goal of long-term customer satisfaction only if we offer products and services that fully meet or, ideally, actually exceed the needs of our customers.

We are continuously striving to improve our overall performance, to satisfy our customers, to have healthy and motivated employees, to increase the digitalisation of our internal processes and services, and to maintain our efficiency. We use surveys of our customers and employees and regularly review our processes, our goals and their key figures to keep developing.

Energy efficiency and environmental protection

Environmental protection and the efficient use of all available resources form an important part of our corporate policy. We aim to reduce and prevent any negative environmental impact of our products and our site. We want to achieve this not only by continuously improving the energy efficiency of our plants. We are also actively driving forward new and existing projects in order to make our contribution as a company to the preservation of our environment.

In addition to digitalisation projects to reduce our paper consumption, we are offsetting our CO2 emissions (CCF) on an annual basis. Furthermore, we will soon be operating our own photovoltaic system including a self-sufficient emergency power concept to supply the Morolding production site with solar energy. The vehicle fleet of our company, which is continuously being converted to electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as private cars of employees can thus also be charged with electricity from renewable sources. These and more projects in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection will continue to play a major role at Stela Laxhuber in the future.

Occupational health and safety

Our employees guarantee the continued existence and success of our company. This means that responsibility for our workforce is our highest priority.

For us to be able to meet future challenges in the market, training new specialists, further education and involving our employees in shaping their roles are integral and important parts of our personnel policy.

Our future-oriented workplaces, which offer far more than the legal requirements, provide a modern and collaborative environment for successful business practice. We are committed to minimising and, ideally, eliminating safety, health and occupational health hazards wherever possible. Providing safe and healthy working conditions and preventing work-related injuries and illnesses among our staff, whilst also guaranteeing the safety of third parties, are key.

Management commitments

The management and the authorised officers ensure that no employee in the company is discriminated against on ethnic or religious grounds, gender or sexual orientation and that all legal and other requirements to which the company is committed are met.

Senior management organises the measures required to integrate management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management and the stela.SGA system for occupational health and safety, and oversees their implementation, development and application. We focus on continuous improvement which involves all company processes as well as our employees, and we also encourage constructive feedback to improve quality, service and innovation.

Our framework is based on team spirit, trust in one another and respect for each individual person.