STELA at the exhibition "Drema 2022"

This year, for the first time, stela took part in the exhibition for woodworking indusrty "Drema", 13.09-16.09.2022 in Poznan, Poland.

In Poland, this year is a significant increase in the production of wood pellets and, accordingly, the interest in high-quality drying of raw materials is also going up.
stela has long been known in Poland as a high-quality, reliable partner in the field of drying, and the company's presence at the exhibition attracted great interest from visitors.
Especially our belt dryers with thermal energy recovery system RecuDry are of great interest, the use of which allows impressive energy savings during drying process while maintaining the drying quality. In addition, the implementation of pellet production projects with stela RecuDry dryers allows to save a lot of amounts of raw material to produce the final product.
Also, we would like to highlight the presence at the exhibition of our clients from Ukraine, who, despite all the difficulties and existing war, are developing and boldly realizing, with our help, in such difficult time, new modern woodworking lines.
Stela fulfills customer requests and implements projects despite all the difficulties with the supply of metal products and the crisis in the component market and even despite force majeures.
Smart production planning, expansion of warehouses, implementation of energy-saving technologies allows us and our customers to look to the future with confidence and optimism.

We thank all our dear guests for visiting our stand and wish successful implementation of our joint projects!