Mobiler Umlauftrockner MUF von Stela

Mobile circulating dryer MUF

Advantages at a glance

  • Drying body made of high-quality aluminium
  • No construction work or permits required
  • Quick change of location
  • Electrical installation according to the latest VDE specifications
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Long service life
  • Optimal energy utilisation with multi-therm automatic system
  • Purity of variety on product change and consistent final moisture
  • Self-cleaning perforated plates made of high-quality aluminium allow universal use with all cereals, even suitable for rapeseed
  • Conveying that protects the product
  • In the case of contract drying, your customer gets his own goods back

Drying principle

Your MUF movable air circulation dryer is filled via the large filling hopper and the elevator. The air heated in the air heater is forced into the internal hot air duct by a radial ventilator and then flows through the drying vessel filled with product. In the process, the air picks up moisture. At intervals the product is picked up by the discharge mechanism and carried by the elevator to the top part of the drying vessel. This top, unventilated area serves as a resting and tempering zone. Here the moisture content on the inside of the grain evens out with that of the grain surface before the grain returns to the active drying area. From the 110 model, the system is provided with an additional unventilated resting zone, which allows for further tempering and thus energy saving (“dryeration”). The multi-therm automatic system runs at a high air temperature at the start of drying and then drops in stages to a lower temperature level for final drying. This process achieves high energy efficiency while protecting your product. When the final moisture level required is reached (easy sampling and grain temperature monitoring), the system switches to cooling automatically. The product cools down to storage temperature and emptying is completed by the ring elevator. The following diagram shows an example of the multi-therm temperature control system for drying maize from 35% to 14% moisture content.

Weitere Informationen

Durch stufenlose Wahl der Trocknungstemperatur lassen sich sämtliche landwirtschaftliche Körnerfrüchte trocknen. Die Anlage ist einfach zu reinigen. Die Restentleerungsklappen ermöglichen auch die Verarbeitung von hochwertigem Saatgut.
Der Trockner wird aus qualitativ erstklassigen Werkstoffen gefertigt. Die Wände des Trocknungsbehälters bestehen aus halbharten, hochwertig legierten Aluminium-Langlochblechen. Diese sind korrosionsbeständig gegen Witterungseinflüsse und die feuchtwarme Abluft, selbstreinigend und auch für die Trocknung von Raps bestens geeignet.

1 - Warmluft
2 - Produkt
3 - Abluft
4 - Entlastungsdächer
5 - Walzenaustrag
6 - Elevator

GDB-TN 1-11
in Germany

Products: Maize, Wheat
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 5.8 t/h from 35% to 15%
Wheat: 20 t/h from 19% to 15%

MDB-XN 2-14-SB
in Hungary

Product: Maize
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 40 t/h from 25% to 14%

MDB-TN 1-17-SB
in Germany

Product: Maize
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 10 t/h from 35% to 14%

MDB-XN 3-18-SB
in Germany

Product: Maize
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 45 t/h from 35% to 15%

BTL 1-3000-33
in Poland

Product: Draff, sugar beet pulp
Dryer output capacity:
Draff, sugar beet pulp: 1.2 t/h from 77% to 12%

MDB-XN 3-20-SB
in Poland

Product: Maize
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 51 t/h from 35% to 15%

MDB-XN 1-16-SB
in Germany

Product: Maize
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 18 t/h from 35% to 15%

MDB-XN 2-18-SU
in Ukraine

Products: Maize, Wheat
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 50.8 t/h from 25% to 15%
Wheat: 104 t/h from 19% to 15%

MDB-XN 1-18-SB
in Poland

Product: Maize
Dryer output capacity:
Maize: 20.4 t/h from 35% to 15%

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