Drying plants for snacks, nuts, cereals

You would like to produce crispy chips and crunchy cereals? Then you've come to the right place. With our BTF-L dryer, you can do it effortlessly!

We all love chips and nuts – especially when they crack when you bite into them. You quickly notice this when, for example, you eat peanut flips that have been open on the table for a while. In the production of snacks, not only the storage life of the food is an important issue, but also the stabilisation of shape and consistency as well as the "crunchy" taste experience. Added to this is the consideration of desired roast aromas, which are to be produced in a controlled manner.

The BTF-L dryer in use

The precise control of the drying process via temperature, humidity and dwell times makes our high-quality BTF-L belt dryer ideal for processing snacks, nuts and cereals. Our BTF-L can easily realise temperatures of over 150°C. This also makes it ideal for use as a roaster. You can read more reasons for drying with our technology here.

Drying products – Snacks, nuts and cereals

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Bombay DuckCoconut fibresDog and cat food extrudates
Dog ChipsDried meatFibres
FishFlower BlendsHibiscus leaves
HoneyballsLimestone granulesNoodles


You cannot find your drying product in our list? Don’t worry, feel free to send us a personal request here. We will be happy to check whether your product can also be dried with our technology!