Stela Food – The course is set

In addition to high-performance dryers for agriculture and industry, stela also builds food dryers. The food sector not only includes herbs and vegetables, but also exciting new trends such as the drying of insects or seaweed. Roasters can also be offered for snacks, nuts, seeds and baked goods, to name just a few. Last but not least, the drying systems are also perfectly suitable for pet food.

For some months now, the food area has been working intensively on its expansion. The colleagues Christian Seibold and Julian Kehl have been familiarised in the meantime and are driving the development of the business sector forward. In the future, food dryers will have their own lettering and logo to underline their special suitability for drying food. A separate food brochure addresses the customer specifically.

The basic dryer concepts “Layer” (BTF-L) and “Stage” (BTF-S) have been developed. This means that the right solution can be offered for a wide range of products. The website has been updated and presents the dryer types and their features. All dryer components, right down to the cable tie, have been checked and updated to meet the requirements in the food sector.

A BTF-L is currently under construction and will soon be producing delicious cereals in Germany. More news on this will follow soon!

All in all, we can say: "The course is set". We are looking forward to the upcoming trade fairs and other exciting projects in the food sector.